Stage Four Productive time

Stage 4 
Productive Vines

The first batch of successful cuttings transferred in October 2004. After working in a vineyard for six months and some winery work, I thought a portable vineyard might work at home! The supermarket had large pots for a cheap enough price.

Pinot Noir x 7
Shiraz, planted left and the Portable Vines

Over the last seven years, different ideas have occurred.

Using limestone as a 5 to 10 cm base in the pot, not done yet.

Use 2 liter plastic bottles with the ends cut off, and watering each pot with just 2 liters. Initially, I left the cap on and drilled a 5mm hole to drip feed the water, then left it off as the hole got plugged too easily.

Two years ago, there was an article in the newspaper garden section about having plant-pots in a saucer deep enough to hold 2 to 4 liters, to keep the lower end wet during hot periods, and seemed like a good idea, and went with that and seems successful too.

Mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out.