Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vintage 2014

Wine making.
 The Vintages

The Portable Vineyard

Update march 2014 
there were 14 pots producing a crop. According to one book, for my own consumption, I need 50 100 vines.

Vintage 2014
This year I was going to be a little careful. Than previous years.
Well, that did not happen, I got a new job. Or two!
During the flowering period I was up at Innamincka- or was that the Strezlecki track- no Innamincka- and the pots were left to fend for themselves as far as watering regularly was up to a helper- not! So for 6 weeks, not much water- no spraying, no food.
This year the portable vineyard  had about ten pots with about 2 buckets of fruit, from the four at the back of the house block and from about ten pots of Shiraz, and three Pinot Noir pots- wow- not much- about 5L of must and skin
Like years 2011 2012 2013 I did not spray a lot, again some shiraz clusters were long but sparse, and some were easily rotted or insect affected. Again
Shiraz Yard 2011

Vintage 2014

Foxy Garage GrapesOn 9 March 2014- brix approaching 25. These bushes of this grape variety are so productive, and somewhat sickly sweet as you walk by.
Ended up with six 9l buckets- so ended up crushing and pressing out about 17 litres of must

Currently 50 pots Shiraz, 7 pots Pinot with 2 foxey grapes vines next to the Alcoholery  may be just an ornamental as the grapes are not table or wine grapes and six plants in the ground at the rear- facing North, 4 one side and two in front of the Shed/Bungalow.

At pruning time endeavouring to propagate cutting3-6 pots plants per year.
The Alcoholery
Where some of the crafting of wine, beer and spirits is done, bottles and bins and tools stored.