Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pre pick

Closer to Picking 2013

The backyard grape vines of the portable vineyard, IMBY, are set for vintage!

Pinot about 19 Brix
Shiraz close to 22 Brix
Garage Foxy Grapes about 22 Brix too

Looks like picking time this week or next!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh lala

2013 Vintage to start soon

Looking through the shrubbery, I was SURPRISED to see that verasion has been and gone in less than two weeks as far as the Shiraz and Pinot are concerned! I was going to post on that, but breen busy and lax.

Today I thought I better do a sugar level test and most of the varieties are at 15 Brix or about 8 Baum,  getting there, close to what I want in my Portable Vineyard Backyard Wines- that is 12% Alcohol or better; that is, I need 22 Brix or better!

Vintage should be in less than two weeks if this is the case, end of February.



 Today a large Carrawong(?), a crow sized native bird, bigger than a magpie, was scouting the vines for morning tea.... Not happy, may have to re-organise the whole yard, net the lot of them in one go rather than this poor attempt to keep them away.