Sunday, December 15, 2013

Portable Vineyard December 2013

Portable Vineyard December 2013

Yesterday- rearranged the vines [nearly all] backyard Vineyard vines to line up down the side yard, and sulphur/insecticide sprayed them all for Xmas.

I was away the other month, they were not watered regularly so the harvest for the homemade wine won't be much as there is hardly many bunches formed, for all the pots, and will only get  a few kilos this time.

Some are abundantly laden however, so that is nice.

The planted vines seem to be doing well too, plenty of rain fell while I was away.

Looks like I will be away again so will have to bribe the kids to look after the pots better, argh.
Anyway, that's the latest on the Portable Vineyard December 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013

Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013

Down here in the Austral Spring the Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013 report is that August and September rains have encouraged good growth in the vines.

As of this week, the pots have are healthy apart form some insects eating away at the baby Pinot pots, the failure rate on the pinot 2012 cuttings is over 60 percent, dang.

Repotted 2011 cuttings- six with one fail.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spring buds 2013

Spring buds 2013

Pinot- 24-Aug-13
Reading of a local winery's Spring Buds 2013, I thought I better check my collection of "Ragedy Annes" out in their pots, to see whether I had some spring buds.

As of the 20th August, the Pinot and the Shiraz potted vines have wee little spring buds movements! Some have leaves out and all!

Not as well budded as the winery over the hills and vales to the northwest, but definitely erupting. Even the "bay" vinrs had slight Spring buds

Comparing Spring buds with last year- seem to be earlier by a week... I wrote in the first week of September- first week of the Southern Hemisphere's Spring- that the Portable Vineyard vines had budded. No! And- The vines budded by 20th August in 2011 too.

Maybe Global Warming aint happening...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Lined up 

All the bunch ready potted vines line up down along the side fence for winter now, ready for spring bud time- about to occur quite soon.
Over forty portable backyard vines now, with eleven or so one year olds re-potted.
Re-thought the irrigation- get that lined up down the fence line this year, maybe a timer of 2-4 liters per day- or enough to fill the cut down and nearly buried 2 liter containers

one and two year old cuttings
The Pinot, and cat 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage 2013

Portable Vineyard Vintage

Kids helped out with the Harvest for the Portable Vineyard Vintage this year, the pressing was a single handed affair.
result 7 liters of Pinot Noir and Shiraz blend- about 20-80%, and about 23 liters of the Foxey Garage Grapes

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pre pick

Closer to Picking 2013

The backyard grape vines of the portable vineyard, IMBY, are set for vintage!

Pinot about 19 Brix
Shiraz close to 22 Brix
Garage Foxy Grapes about 22 Brix too

Looks like picking time this week or next!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh lala

2013 Vintage to start soon

Looking through the shrubbery, I was SURPRISED to see that verasion has been and gone in less than two weeks as far as the Shiraz and Pinot are concerned! I was going to post on that, but breen busy and lax.

Today I thought I better do a sugar level test and most of the varieties are at 15 Brix or about 8 Baum,  getting there, close to what I want in my Portable Vineyard Backyard Wines- that is 12% Alcohol or better; that is, I need 22 Brix or better!

Vintage should be in less than two weeks if this is the case, end of February.



 Today a large Carrawong(?), a crow sized native bird, bigger than a magpie, was scouting the vines for morning tea.... Not happy, may have to re-organise the whole yard, net the lot of them in one go rather than this poor attempt to keep them away.