Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pre-Spring Preparations

Pre-Spring Preparations

The Spring of 2012


After pruning back the potted grape-vines this year, a look over the vines gave a sort of satisfying 'job well done Tone'. Some of the vines were pretty well pruned back to a few stubs really, accidental or not... We'll see later on. The cuttings from the Shiraz were successful, and you can see the fuzzy buds starting to erupt. On the Pinot cuttings, well, I think only a couple will survive the spring bud season.


Separated out the older vines into the side yard for this years growth in order to avoid any contamination by the mildews again. After last years pitiful outcome, I want this year to be anything but pitiful! The "younger" ones I will leave in the backyard, and two year old cuttings will be transplanted into the final growing pots.

Last years inherited shiraz vines from friend Harry that survived last season that were not in the final growing pots were also transplanted this last week. [my baacckk...].

2 yr old Shiraz

Younger Shiraz

Pinot Noir

Shiraz Cuttings Winter 2011

Stock as of End of July 2012

  1. 6 planted Shiraz- 10kg
  2. 33 potted Shiraz- 10kg
  3. 6 baby Shiraz- 2kg
  4. 20 potential Shiraz Cuttings
  5. 9 Pinot Noir- 3kg
  6. 6 baby Pinots- 1kg
  7. 2 to 4 potential Pinot cuttings
  8. garage Foxey Grapes- 20-30kgs

At End of Winter or early September

I intend to transplant the baby potted vines into the final, bigger pots as I did with the adopted Shiraz vines the other week. 
Weather and back...

I will really have to think about spacing this year. At least a mowers width between them this time or more?