Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Closer to Harvest

late Summer

nearly Harvest time 


The Brix on the backyard grape vines- the Pinot Noir grape bunches, nearly only A bunch... is at 16 to 20... So harvest time is almost upon us. The bunches are mostly small, with small berries. And not approaching sweet or nice even! The garage grapes are less than 20 overall, so maybe mid March for picking as usual,

  The pots were netted last month because the birds thought it was the right time for Their Harvest, the buggers, but the kilo(!) or so they removed were not close to ripe, so HAHAHA hope they choked on the seeds- bitter as all heck and all. have to net that little bit earlier next year.

I do not think it maybe worth making a brew with the crop, it looks like only a few kilograms this year- sort of like last years crop- which I threw in with the Shiraz anyway. It will probably get mixed in with the garage grapes to make either a sherry style or brandy type drink.