Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The End

End Of The Portable Vineyard

Due to lack of interest, time and patience, the Portable Vineyard has been Pulled...

Disease, water,no time to properly care for it, a low yield this year and no interest anymore. 
The winery apparatus is also on the way out. 2015 vintage not happening.
Crusher, destemmer sieve, a crap load of glass containers and large fermenting vats, ancillary gear and chemicals- all up for grabs if you live within 50km of Sale, Gippsland, Victoria, along with the pots, saucers and stakes... 

Go for it people, it is fun at the time! The products are always good to try

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Now I know what the wind in a vineyard is really for.

Along with dryness associated with the wind.

Currently, mildews have gotten into the wines, I seem to have missed sprying in time to get rid of it.

I am about to wreck the portable vineyard because time, disease and fruitlessness has passed by in a way I am annoyed enough with myselfto get rid of it.

But the wind the last week has gotten rid of the dried and damaged leaves.

Leaving sight of damaged and useless bunches, bare branches.

The Pinot is the worst off, the Shiraz not so much.

Being away when spraying is due is another reason the end is nigh. Small yield another.

Another disaster like a few vintages ago, and lack of prevention activity, oh dear.

The summer growth is poor, and the same with my ambition and dedication.

There may be some fruit left to keep from the birds for a rum to be made only.

The foxey Grapes are fine, and so too the established Shiraz.

In fact the Foxey bushes are so full and healthy the vines are weighing down their supports.

Fingers crossed for a nice little yield in a month or two.

If I think it will be worth netting.