Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage 2012 pressings

Next Press Please
Garage Grapes Basket Press 2012

This year, it looks like I have got a sort of mixed wine of about 12% alcohol.

One could call it a "rose" type if generous enough.

Compared to last years vintage, made only about seven litres. This will be nearly nine bottles this time next year if it tastes as good as it does at the moment.

Taste. Mmm. Well, not as Foxey as I expected, the wee half litre or so of Pinot Noir added has made an improvement on the standard very-exotic-perfumey style, sort of rose, actually, and it is sort of thin, like not enough acidity. Maybe a brandy base?

Process- clean out the vat, press, transfer gear, scrub with sanitiser and then SMS the lot too. Never too much SMS when cleaning, less to add when bottling!
Then tip the fermented grapes into the press and turn the screw, collect every drop through a sieve as seeds and mush do not add to the taste whilst it ages in vitro.

Voila, hey presto, a demijohn of wine plus.

Time taken.
Netting: 10 minutes.
Watering: rainfall only from garage roof.
Harvest: 30 minutes.
Fermenting: setup, 10 minutes and wait since last Wednesday two weeks ago- eleven  17 days on skins.
Pressing: preparation 20 minutes, pressing 10 minutes, clean up...

All up, about an hour or so actual hands on for... eight bottles.

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