Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watering times

Well Well Well
Three holes in a desert...

Today I watered the vines. A lot. With what I thought would be enough to make up for the last few days really really hot weather, as IMBY it was reaching about 40°C with varying humidity! I counted up to about twenty seconds per vine, filling the 2 liter cut up bottle, the saucer, and then the rest of the allotted time hosing into the top of the pot to give the mulch some moisture. And the incessant weeds... At about the fifth pot, I thought I better check for how moist was the soil anyway- it was to about a fingers depth deep after three days since the last watering.

From the meter, I read ~00841148 beforehand, and 00841383- about 240 litres for the lot? And the strawberries, coriander and chives and greenhut vines. There are 38 shiraz vines now, refoliating furiously! And the newbies too. Only 9 Pinots with 3 littlies. And the orphan Chardonnay- at least until veraison it is! So it looks like about 2 to 3 liters per vine every 3 to 4 days should keep them moist most of the time, with an extra allowed on the hottest days.

Berry development report- Pinot Noir are still on the small size, at least compared to the Foxey Garage grapes which are almost a centimeter diameter now and only watered off the old shed roof!

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