Sunday, September 25, 2011

lost my newbies

Sad, but true, lack of immediate care...
As of 25 September 11.

When harry offered me some more vines, I sort of jumped at the chance, some mature vines, Yeah!

But the thing was where were the things to go?

There is no real room for the things in the garden. More pots had to be got.

However, budget wise, good pots as explained before, are a little bit too costly to just charge to the old CC!

In this case, hanging off and just leaving the newly bare rooted vines in the open was a bad thing. The time between the uprooting and the potting was about two to four weeks, my recall now is somewhat a bit hazy- WOTEVAH- it was too long. The potting was done with fresh sandy river soil, potting mixture and a bunch of fertiliser.

To no avail.

The expected bud swelling, so eagerly anticipated did not eventuate, inevitably a lost cause overall.

There appear to be only two active budding, and nearly leafing, survivors of the mildly chilly winter, some shiraz.

Which is nice. Other wise there would be just two chardonnay, and the last time I tried to grow those- nada.

The rest of the newbies, 12 shiraz and 14 chardonnay, are either hibernating for another year or...

Or kindling...

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