Sunday, September 18, 2011


Latest batch
8 kilograms sugar and a super yeast:
5 litres plus of liqor...

mm Bundy........mmmmmm

Resulted in aboot 4 liters of overproof, wound it back to about 9 liters of spirit, added a dash of coppersulphate and un-iodised salt and started the carbon filtering. Smells sweet still.
The tails- for some reason at 1am- SHIT the still- I went out and the process had just stopped at about 1 litre? Och, went to bed.

Next day. Next stage, process the tails from the last two distillings, about 5 liters I suppose at 36% and added 9 bottles of 01 pinot that was a little off. Again, forgot to get of bum [here] and check... whoops, too much header with crap, back in the vat! And watched it this time and took the volatiles away. At half a vat, should not take too long to get a brandy style.

After the the above has been filtered and redistilled with a batch from last time- should be able to make up a few liters of Limonella with a taste of Mandarine I think! Just in time for Xmas gifts! And Bundy too!

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