Thursday, August 25, 2011

Springing it

Dunno what this tree is
A poplar?

Middle of August and the big tree out front is dropping flower cases all over the lawn. The the first year we were here, I got really peed off at the cases- sticky on the inside and stuck to everyone's feet or shoes, and would let go on the carpet..

Wait until the flower jumps out. In the meantime, there are clicks and pings on the roof while the tree unloads, day and night.

The propagation ia coming along just fine, a few buds are swelling on the cutting and the first year cuttings.
the garden is going off too. You may see how slack I am as it starting to look like I am a hoarder- I AM NOT, but you never know... October is also around the corner and there is gunna be a bunch of Hard Rubbish on my strip!

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