Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moonshine season

There was ten dozen or more
lying in the cellar...
now there's only four
with empties on the floor...

Twas was payment in kind towards the end of the working relationship when the vineyard and winery was closed down the other year. My boss and friend Bob was not hacking the losing proposition anymore, and bailed out for good financial reasons.

Bugger for me. But he was a good guy. Offered the barrel bottom 03' pinot noir, made by the previous owner of the 'facility'.

My opinion, was, well, okay. It could be going thru the stil, but so what?
It was dry, but you could ignore the taste and burn as it slid down the gullet.
Was a good pizza wine I suppose. With a ciggie.

Late last century, the first vintner there had one vintage of the Pinot Noir rated a 90[?] by a New Yorker.
Which year? 1980 something. Who. Parker? This may be edited later.

As summer is coming up, and the cuttings not yet done, the rum barrel needed filling.

And recycling time.

Out with the 15 liters of garage wine that did not work,
the two bottles of bloody awful sav blanc,
and a dozen of the 'orrible '03 pinot.

And all into the stilling unit.

Two liters rough stuff- water it down 100%, bit of Copper Sulpate and Sodium Chloride, a weeks rest, plan to then filter it a few times or six and Stil it agin! Probably coax a three liter 40% final product.

Can't wait, add the Aussie Rum flavouring and Wham Bam Man, it's a crowd pleaser!

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