Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bud swelling 2011

Shiraz Buds swelling
Cuttings starting too

Is the season for bud swelling or burst changing?

 In SE Oz, IMBY, the backyard potted and planted shiraz[syrah] vines are buds are swelling, a week or so after the Pinot Noir potted vines.Here are some of the Pinot buds after a week on.

The Shiraz

The 2010 cuttings of Pinot buds are starting to swell, well 3 out of 7 are.

Last years Shiraz cuttings may not at all! The snails may have got to them while dormant- better find a better place to lave the 2011 cutting!

Speaking of, the 2011 Pinot and Shiraz cuttings buds are swelling too.

Pinot Noir-


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